Nobody has ever lived my life before me

Though I have lived so many lives.

I think maybe that’s why I

Lose so much sleep at night

Maybe I’m getting messages

From a life I used to live

Reminding me that I

Cannot go back to it.

And I wouldn’t if I could,

For everything that’s happened,

I have to say I’m good.

Everything I’ve done until now

Got me to where I am.

So I’ll take the gift I am given

And when the enemy comes I’ll stand

And I will not raise my arms no,

And I will not raise my white flag

And I will not raise a hand.

I will tell them that I’m sorry

That they feel

Like nobody understands.

I’ll tell them that they can take me

If that’s the master plan

But they can never have

What makes me my own man:

My spark,

And you could carve

My heart

Out of my chest

And beat it against yours

To the sound of my last breath

And I

I will still live.

My light will carry me

Through oceans I will swim.

I’ll laugh in the valley of darkness

And I’ll dance across the cliffs.

I will say these words

With a smile on my lips.

Because I am not afraid of you

Nor dying by your hand

I am only afraid of the day

That I stop trying to understand

That which I don’t

And I don’t understand me

But I do understand that my

inner light

will set me free

And I control my actions

Even in my dreams,

Because I am creating

As long as I breathe.

Published by scarletbxx

A ghost, a magician, an afternoon storm. I’ll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours.

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